• Aaron Wassenaar

How to Get the Most out of Your Retirement Plan Advisor

Investments offered in a retirement plan often receive a great deal of focus from employees and employers alike. While investments are, an important tool used to grow savings over time, they are only part of a successful retirement plan.

Strong investment performance doesn’t do much for long-term account growth if it isn’t coupled with sufficient ongoing contributions. In addition to helping employees find the right investment mix, a retirement plan advisor can help them understand how much they need to save now in order to meet future income goals in retirement.

As people worry more about their finances, their health and productivity are affected negatively, which can lead to performance issues in the workplace. An advisor can help employees with various aspects of their financial lives—from saving for retirement to planning for other significant events and goals. These can often be the most overwhelming aspects of personal finance, and expert advice can help remove some of the stress.

Recent studies have shown that employees want help managing their 401(k) and other retirement savings accounts. Research also shows that employees who receive professional investment management have higher account balances and better investment performance than those who do not.

Unbiased, professional guidance will not only add to your existing benefits package, it will improve employee engagement and their ability to retire on their own terms.

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